Friday, June 1, 2012

I've become one of them, great!!

A few days ago at work I had a customer buy a few items. Said he was going to pay in cash. He felt bad because his debit card wore out and he had to go to the bank to pull out cash. OH BOO FUCKIN HOO TO YOU DIPSHIT!! (I only thought that, didn't say it out loud.) Oh and I bet when you need groceries you have to go to the store!!

But that got me thinking, though I am near perfect, I am not. I have been lazy the same way. I had a short grocery list for a few items, but was thinking "I don't want to drive across town to Hannaford" despite the drive being only five minutes (I live in a town of 8000 people) I'd rather hit South End Market 45 seconds away, despite the prices being a bit higher. Oh shit, I've become a douchebag. or maybe I have been all my life and never realized this. Got me thinking more, when I was living in So. California I would drive an hour or so to the mall or to a bookstore out in the Valley or wherever, even though we had the same stores in my city of 160,000 humans. Or drive even further cause there's a good restaraunt in Ventura, dealing with freeways, the BS traffic, weird homeless people, etc. And with no hesitation!! Now I live in Smallville, every other place is huge. Portland, including the surrounding towns, 110,000 people. That's the big city fore me. Boston, 2 hours south or so from Portland, that the big megaopolis. And I haven't been there since 2002!! (well there's no reason for me to go unless I have free tickets to Fenway) The thought of driving through Boston traffic gives me the chills. I'll probably go ballistic on some dipshit driver in a situation that I normally don't get mad about.

Options for me? Stay home forever, get better meds, just deal with it and stop being a douchebag.