Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why oh why??

Why did I start this you may ask?

I don't know, really I think I was bored. I should have waited until I got a replacement digital camera, which I will be getting soon. I found I really need the camera, well A camera because I rarely can verbally describe things in an articulate manner. Writing sometimes works better, but if I show you in pictures what I am talking about, the you, the person reading my tripe here will understand better what I am talking about.

Am I making this clear??

No I have not been drinking.

So what is this going to be about? Honestly just ramblings, odd images, videos, mostly borrowed crap that I'd like to share. Something to that effect. It also means that at that moment I am likely bored. Anyway welcome aboard. Hopefully I will keep this operational on a regular basis.

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