Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crap for music, musical crap

Happy 2012 people!! Needed to get that out of the way.

I don't consider myself a music critic, expert, or even a musician. Hell even when I fart, it just doesn't sound right. But I like to bitch and moan about stuff, especially crap I don't like, when the motivation is there of course. This is a list of songs, musicians, albums, etc. I think blow. It's just my 2 cents and you may not agree with me. Whatever.

James Taylor: He's the softest of the sensitive wimpy musical people out there. He sings like he is playing to a group of toddlers in a daycare, except the kids don't care for him either. Why is his stuff played on rock radio? Does he like his sensitive image? Why on earth do people like him? (well that's the never answered question of the decade)

Michael McDonald: Sings like if he is trying to sing and say boo the way cartoon ghosts say boo. His music is simplistic, boring, no life or soul to it. Almost like he doesn't care what he is doing. Blue eyed soul?? Blue eyed lack of soul. Yeah he's the one that sings the Doobie's song "Taking it to the streets" Probably doesn't play it live cause it rocks out too much for him. Music that captures nobody's attention.

Meat Loaf: Please go away, I cannot stand your never ending, trying to be epic, crapola stories of what, I don't care. Your "image" is the opposite of your actual "talents". Actually it's someone else's talents, Jim Steinman right? If I heard he was raped by a rhino, it probably would make my crappy day a lot more cheerful (note: today is not crappy, but for a future crappy day)

Bruce Springsteen (brtween his first album and Born in the USA) Another one who plays these never ending epic stories of lives that no one ever really had. I remember back in the early days of MTV (the one with music videos) I think it was Rosalita. I'd switch the channels to something else, go back, still on. Kept channel surfing, song is still going. There were parts of the song that seemed like they would end, but never did. Though now I'm still not a Bruce fan, I can deal with his music (newer stuff) if it's on.

Michael Bolton: Please shut the hell up, you suck.

Rod Stewart: Musically has gone the direction of Michael Bolton, older stuff, not really that good. The only thing I can give him credit for is "Do ya think I'm sexy" Song makes me laugh every time I hear it, and I wonder if he takes the song seriously, which that in itself would be even more funny.

George Thorogood: I have never liked his music, or his giant robot head with huge teeth. Trying to do the "badass" who likes to drink a lot. Please get cirrhosis soon, for all of us. And your hardly the ladies man too.

Overplayed songs: Kiss: Rock n roll all night, Led Zeppelin: Stairway to Heaven, AC/DC: Back in Black, You shook me all night long, Black Sabbath: Paranoid, Joe Walsh: Life's been Good. Hey FM radio, these bands have other songs, why not check them out instead of us now hating these songs cause that's all you play!!

I'll have more later for you bemusement

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  1. James Taylor- they put it on classic rock stations for variety's sake. I, personally, like his work.

    Meat Loaf- he's only for people who like hard rock and nothing more. I find him to be meh.

    Springsteen- He is a great musician, but not for everybody.

    Rod Stewart- he's actually good once you get past his hits.

    Thorogood- do not disrespect the punker of blues. He's actually influenced by older blues musicians from the forties or so.

    Rock and Roll All Nite- I actually like Heaven's On Fire better.
    Stairway- my favorite Led Zep song is Going to California
    AC/DC- agreed. Also, try looking up some of their bluesy work.
    Paranoid- My favorite is War Pigs.
    Life's Been Good- Well, yeah. I suppose.

    HINT: Try internet radio.