Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Van Halen is back!!

The REAL Van Halen in my view. I grew up with Dave being the vocal ringleader of the group. The music kicked ass and the band seemed to be about fun. Obviously something went awry cause Dave left/got fired/abducted by Samoans. And so began the band's tenure with Sammy Hagar.

I never liked Sammy Hagar, before/during/after his stint with Van Halen.

For me the music seemed to have been toned down a bit, more pop like and more serious. Sure the rest of the band went along for the ride and they still sold lots of albums. But it just wasn't the same for me. It would be like if Pamela Anderson were taken out of Baywatch and replaced by Bea Arthur, it's just not the same and not as good.

Anyway long story short: Dave is back and I am happy cause Van Halen is back. I like the new song too.

I never heard any of the music when the other guy sang with them (Gary Cherone) so I can't make any snarky comments there.

Michael Anthony is gone too. He was cool, but why did he play a 4-string bass? He only played with one of them.

Anyway, fun is back, just a LOT older!!

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