Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hot blooded? No!!

Out there in the world of classic rock (according to marketing idiots) there is a band called Foreigner. I think they are still around, playing at your local county fair or hard to find club with their following of 100+ fans who care (all older than 40) One of the more well known members is no longer in the band, for whatever reason: Lou Gramm.

I don't know much about Lou's personal history, look it up in Wikipedia if you want, but he sang with them at the height of their popularity. My impression of the band is pretty much average. They don't suck, but they are nothing special either. I do have a one minor gripe. And it's only a gripe cause it causes me to have a bad migrane.

It's the song "Hot Blooded"

I know it's a popular song, but it is so hard for me to listen to it. I know the lyrics quite well cause this song is played about 8 million times a day on the various radio stations I flip though while driving Nicky to Bath (the town, not the hygiene process involving water) You know, I think most of us in grade school, maybe junior high, wrote song lyrics or poems to ourselves about the way we felt about the world during puberty time. Most of us destroyed this or have it hidden somewhere where nobody can ever find it. But Lou Gramm was different, and in a way, a genius. He took his crap poetry and used it as lyrics for the songs Foreigner would record. Example:

"I'm hot blooded
Check it and see
I've got a fever of 103
C'mon baby, do you more than just dance?
I'm hot blooded, hot blooded!!"

This one is my favorite:

"Are you hot mama?
You sure look that way to me!!"

Ladies, you know with a pickup line like that, you can help but go to bed with a hot sassy guy like Lou Gramm.

There's also a line near the end of the song where he says "Your looking so tight" I don't understand looking tight. Your gynecologist or boyfriend might say "you feel tight" But I don't get looking tight.

Lou Gramm never struck me as a ladies man. Maybe I'm wrong, but he seems to be a sissy boy. He does ask later on "I want to know what love is" but it's not played enough on the radio. When it is I just change the station anyway.

Anyway, Lou Gramm, congrats on taking your idiotic ramblings from grade school and turning it into gold. Or at least royalties that you can retire off for the rest of your life. Very smart move. But I still think you suck!!


  1. I still like Hot Blooded, despite it being one of their most overplayed songs. I don't know about seventies slang, but in the nineties "tight" meant "cool".

    Feels Like the First Time (#4 1977)
    Cold as Ice (#6 1977)
    Hot Blooded (#3 1978)
    Double Vision (#2 1978)
    Dirty White Boy (#12 1979)
    Head Games (#14 1979)
    Urgent (#4 1981)
    Juke Box Hero (#26 1981)- MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE
    Waiting For A Girl Like You (#2 1981)
    I Want To Know What Love Is (#1 1984)
    Say You Will (#6 1987)

  2. I don't mind Hot Blooded at all. I like a bunch of Foreigner Songs. My favorite is Blue Morning, Blue Day.